Center of Educational Technologies

12th International Conference “Higher Education for the 21st Century”

3 декабря — 5 декабря
Venue: Moscow University for the Humanities, 5 Yunosti St., Moscow, Russia

December 3–5, 2015
Moscow University for the Humanities
5 Yunosti St.

Moscow University for the HumanitiesThe Organizing Committee of the 12th International conference “Higher Education for the 21st Century” invites you to join the conference, which will take place on December 3–5, 2015, at Moscow University for the Humanities. The conference is held with the support from the Committee on Education, State Duma, Federal Assembly of Russian Federation; Committee on Education and Science, Council of the Federation, Federal Assembly of Russian Federation; Department of Education, City of Moscow; Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences; Institute of Psychology, Russian Academy of Sciences;  Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences; Center for Educational Technologies; National Union of Nongovernmental Institutions of Higher Education; Union of the Nongovernmental Higher Education Institutions of Moscow and Moscow Oblast; and the International Academy of Sciences.

This is the twelfth conference convened by Moscow University for the Humanities with the general aim to align positions among the research and educational community on the education strategy, given the new global opportunities in risks. The list of conference participants includes university chancellors, researchers, professors, government education officials, as well as postgraduate and undergraduate students from Moscow, other regions of Russia and a number of foreign nations.

The conference will open with a plenary session on December 3, at the Conference Hall (5th floor) of Moscow University for the Humanities (Bldg. 3, 5 Yunosti St., Moscow), 10:00 — 15:00.

On December 3 and 4, the conference will also include the following events:

  • Roundtable 1. Non-state Institutions of Higher Education in the Changing Russia;
  • Roundtable 2. Strategy of Personality Development in Contemporary Russian Society;
  • Roundtable 3. Will Online Technologies Make Russia’s Education Innovative?
  • Panel 1. Philosophy of Education
  • Panel 2. Sociology of Education
  • Panel 3. Economics of Education
  • Panel 4. Psychological Issues of Education
  • Panel 5. Issues of Education in Culturology
  • Panel 6. Issues of Legal Education
  • Panel 7. Issues of Education in History
  • Panel 8. Pedagogy and Education
  • Symposium “Higher Education and Human Development”
  • Symposium “Thesaurus Analysis of World Culture”

Postgraduate conference will take place on December 5.

Specific times and locations for all events will be announced later.

A collection of conference proceedings will appear in print and online. Please send the following:

  • your paper, up to 6 pages long, font size 14, line spacing 18 mm, margins 20 mm on each side;
  • the paper’s abstract (max 300 characters) and keywords;
  • participant information: name, academic degree, job title, email and contact phone

to the conference email: or directly to the conveners of a particular roundtable, panel, symposium or postgraduate conference by November 15, 2015. Selection of papers for publication is to be made by the conveners of the respective event. There are no participation or publication fees.

Conference contact phone: +7 (499) 374-75-95.

Chair, Organizing Committee of the 12th Conference “Higher Education for the 21st Century”
Rector, Moscow University for the Humanities,
Professor I. M. Ilinskiy